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Sicily Travel guide

Sicily is an attractive island of Italy which is separated from the mainland region of Calabria by the 5km Straits of Messina. Sicily has been dominated by from Greeks to Romans, Normans, Arabs and Aragonese. Because of this reason, you experience a mixed culture on the island when on vacation.

Natives of the land speak Sicilian. Most of them are also proficient in Italian. A few modern schools also teach English to their students. So you can find a few population speaking English as well.

Getting in
Sicily is served by two main airports including Palermo and Catania. It is linked to the main Italian network of Messina. There are long distance trains from Rome, Naples and Milano. Cruise ferries also link Palermo with Naples, Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Sardinia.


Palermo: Sicily’s regional capital is a captivating historical Palimpsest. The city has large architectural heritage and is notable for its Norman buildings. A few important monuments of the region are Palermo Cathedral, Chiesa della Martorana, San Cataldo, Oratorio di San Lorenzo and Oratorio del Rosario among others.

Syracuse: It is a historical city in Sicily. The city is known for its rich Greek history, culture, architecture, amphitheatres and also as the birthplace of eminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes.

Greek Temples: The three Greek temple complexes are worth visiting. The most famous of them is Agrigento, where historical site Valle dei Templi spreads over a vast area. The other two Selinunte and Segesta are not that well-preserved ruins.

Mount Etna: It is the tallest and the most active volcanoes in Europe and a major tourist spot. Being a favorite spot for thousands of visitors, it hosts a large parking space, several parks and hotels at the starting point of the cable car. There are two ski resorts on Etna; one is at the Sapienza Refuge and other at Piano Provenzana.

Piazza Armerina: The town is famous for Villa Romana del Casale and range of other architectural monuments like Baroque Cathedral, Palazzo Trigona, The Church of Fundro, Aragonese Castle, and The Church of St. Martin of Tours among others.

Sicily has world’s best cuisines to offer to visitors. The cuisine of the island is very exotic and offers many flavors and spices to offer. The food is Mediterranean. Sicilian loves to eat deserts. A few favorite out of all are cannoli, granite and cassata.

Sicilians do not indulge in drinking much. Despite the fact, it is home to many vineyards.

There are three main wine producing districts in the region including
• Trapani province in the west
• Etna in the east
• Noto and Ragusa on the southeast tip

Best known wines in the region are Planeta, Tasca d’Almerita, Feudo Principi di Butera and Marco De Bartoli among others.

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Professional Catania and Palermo Airport transfer services

Although not all travellers feel the need of airport transfers to and from Catania and Palermo Airports, Sicily, but the feeling of haste is quite overwhelming when visiting an airport on a busy day. The tense moment becomes a big time hassle if there is traffic on the road or worst if you do not find a taxi on time and end up waiting with your luggage outside the airport.

Sicily is a popular tourist destination. The Airports in the city remains packed with tourist all the year around. For a comfortable and swift ride to the airport, chauffeured car services are preferred. Service providers offering Catania Airport transfers and Palermo Airport transfers are professional and offer pre-booking facilities. The car service has an edge over other cab services.
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You are in the hands of professionals
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Affordable services

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Sicily Weather and Climate

Sicily Daily Weather
humidity: 0%
wind: 0km/h N
H 0 • L 0

Being affected by Mediterranean sea, Sicily has wet winters and dry summers. January is the coldest month in Sicily with average temperature of 15°C or 59°F while August is the hottest month with average temperature of 30°C or 86°F. Most rainfall occurs in October and continues throughout winters.

Sicily Climate

When to Tour Sicily

Every  season has its own unique flavor in Sicily. That is why you can tour to Sicily at any season. But it is advised to avoid tours in August and January.

The temperature goes very high in August and Sicily is very much crowded and the prices also rise in this month.

It is best to tour Sicily before July and after August. Mount Etna starts freezing at the end of September. You can enjoy ski at there when its frozen completely. November is a good time to visit Sicily. The temperature is cool. You can find many luxurious hotels around the beach.

If you want to enjoy long hours of day light and escape from heat and cold, then March is the best choice.