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Perks of Hiring Private Transfers for your tour to Messina

Messina, the main portal to Sicily is the third biggest city in Sicily after Palermo and Catania. It is known for its natural harbor and its long back history. If planning an excursion to Messina, don’t miss to be a part of the vibrant festivals that fill the streets with music and color. To ease your transfers, hire chauffeur driven private transfers. It is the best way to explore the city in the best manner.

Some of the worth seeing sights that shouldn’t be missed to seen are-

  • Cathedral and the Piazza del Duomo
  • Teatro Vittorio Emanuele
  • Acquerio di Messina
  • Camposanto
  • Neptune Fountain

Why hire private transfers?

No driving worries

By hiring the services of private transfers, you get the assistance of a trained chauffeur. He takes you around to the places comfortably. You just need to sit back with your group. You can rest a while or enjoy the breathtaking views outside. Navigation and parking will be handled by them in a flawless manner.

A tour guide

A knowledgeable chauffeur at your disposal serves as a perfect tour guide. He makes you well acquainted with cultural and historical significance of the important sights. You don’t have to worry of taking care of directions; he will take you to your destinations in a timely manner. You can have peace of mind that you are in the safe hands.

Tailor-made packages

Reputed providers even offer tailor-made packages customed as per your needs and budget. From wide range of limousines available, you can choose your desired model. Pick ups and drop offs will longer be a hassle. You will be picked from you’re designated place and taken to the places in a convenient manner. The plush interiors make your journey more luxurious and enjoyable.

Messina makes the perfect holiday destination with number of worth seeing sights to visit upon. We, at Sicily Tour assure to offer you a mesmerizing experience. We offer our customers with best transportation facility that comes with reliability, luxury, safety. For your bookings, give us a call on +393318665568 or fill our online forms for free quotes.

Sicily Excursion: Make it memorable with splendid tour car services

Visiting a new city can bring a lot of stress and hassle, but this problem can be solved by getting hooked up with a professional tour car service. Since Sicily is a great place to explore and unravel secrets, it provides diverse reasons for each one of you to visit it in your upcoming vacations. But to make the most of this trip, one needs to have ample time and knowledge to not miss out on anything that is of great importance. However, a private car service will be just perfect for this purpose since the expert chauffeur that comes along with your vehicle will not only be a driver to you but will also act as a guide throughout your journey. With him, you will experience the most memorable Sicily excursion of your life.

Have a look at these points to know how tour car services can help you in gathering unforgettable moments from your trip:

Convenience in your journey:

The first thing you look for in your transportation service is the level of convenience it offers to its clients. A tour car service will let you travel in complete ease and comfort. You will not encounter a single disturbance on your way. In fact, traffic related problems will too be removed so that nothing acts as a barrier in your smooth trip.

Full security:

Another point which keeps you in worry is your security. Everybody wants to avail that transportation service which will offer complete safety to not only its clients but also their luggage. The best part of tour car service is the chauffeur, who commits to take a good care of you and your belongings throughout the journey, even when you are away from the vehicle.

Sit back and relax:

You usually prefer being completely relaxed on your trips. This includes not worrying about driving and navigating. Since tour car services offer professional drivers with extremely good driving skills and in-depth knowledge of the area, you can sit back, relax and enjoy what comes your way.

Sicily is the best destination to choose if you wish to have a great holiday with your family. With us at Sicily Tour Service you can experience a perfect blend of luxury and comfort in your ride. To get hooked up with our personalized services, give a call at +393318665568.


Explore Piazza Armerina in the Most Luxurious Manner

The town of Piazza Armerina is known for its mountains that say a lot about city’s glorious past. It is an abode of significant architecture that dates back to medieval period of 18th century. This majestic imperial villa encompasses fascinating mosaics, statues, coins, and many worth seeing sights. If making a visit to the city of Piazza, don’t miss to pay a visit to some of the attractive places. Let’s have a look.

  • Villa Romana del Casale
  • Massive Baroque cathedral
  • Garibaldi Theatre.
  • Aragonese Castle
  • Church of Fundrò

For a relaxed and comfortable tour, avail professional limo services. It will offer you numerous benefits to enjoy in endless ways.

Driving stress at bay

When you are newbie in any area, one biggest problem you confront with is driving and navigation issues. None wants to be a designated driver when on a holiday with friends or family. Hiring a chauffeur-driven limo ride helps them get rid of transportation and enjoy the trip to the fullest. Chauffeur being well acquainted with the city routes takes you to your destination in a swift manner.

Comfort and convenience at its best

What can be more comfortable and convenient than having a designated car at your disposal? Just plan your itinerary rest leave its execution on the professionals. You will be taken to all exciting places of the region in shortest possible time. You just need to sit back, relax, and let them deal with traffic.

Search for the reputed providers

Safety is of paramount concern especially when you are newbie in the city. You can’t rely on anyone for your transportation needs. To ensure your memorable tour, you need to search reputed limo providers whom you can trust upon.

Chauffeur- a perfect tour guide

Whenever you are on a sightseeing tour, it’s essential to have a knowledgeable guide at your disposal. By hiring limousine services, you are offered assistance of chauffeur who remain at your dispense throughout the ride. He makes you acquaint with the cultural and historical places and enlightens you about their significance. With him, you can be assured that you are in the safe hands.

To explore Piazza Armerina in the best possible manner, get in touch with Sicily Tours. Our well-equipped fleet of limo vehicle offers you perfect way to travel in a convenient manner. We even offer custom-based packages to suit your budget and requirements. For your bookings, give us a call on +393318665568. For more details, you can even fill our online forms.

Experience magnificent day trips with Sicily tour service

Sicily is famous for its art, history, archeology and spell-bound scenic beauty. It has always been a popular and crowd-pleasing region since it has a lot to offer from one end to another. If you wish to plan a trip to this island and make the most of it, then you must take up a luxurious and safe transportation. To be precise, if you wish to reap the maximum, then it can only be gained by getting hooked up with a chauffeured driven car. The blissful beaches, huge mountains and Mount Etna are such sights, which are never to be missed when in Sicily.

When you take up a chauffeured driven car for this purpose, you enjoy beyond your imagination and anticipation. Here are certain benefits you can reap for your day tour:


Everybody is likely to go on vacations with either family or friends. For this reason, full convenience is demanded by the passengers before opting a service. Usually for day trips, one anticipates comfort so that every moment can be enjoyed in the best possible manner. Thus, a chauffeured driven car will suit this purpose the most.


One thing which you seek the most before planning a trip is safety. Nobody would ever want a transportation service which does not provide any safety measures. A chauffeured driven car service guarantees full security of the passengers. Thus, always select that tour agency which ensures safety and believes that its clients protection is the ultimate priority.


Often, when exploring new places we look for people who can guide us through the ways and recommend spots worth visiting. A chauffeur that comes along tour car service serves both the purposes. He is not just a driver but also a guide who will not let you miss anything important. This is one big advantage you must attain with a chauffeured driven car.

If Sicily is one of your dream destinations and you have been waiting to fetch the right tour service to make it a memorable trip then get in touch with us at Sicily Tour Service. Our fleet is exclusive and in immaculate condition to offer you ease and luxury. To know more about us give a call at +393318665568.