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Make your Mount Etna tour more exciting hiring private car services

Mount Etna is Italy’s highest mountain south of the Alps and the largest active volcano in Europe. It boasts amazing scenic attraction which is a delight to explore. People all over world spend huge sum of money just to adventure this eye grabbing mountain once in their life. The ascent of Etna is the highlight of a visit to Sicily, not only for its superb views but also for the volcanic phenomena. If you are planning for a private excursion to unearth the secrets behind Mount Etna, hiring a private car service would be your best decision. A private car service would help you stress off from all the driving chores, getting your destination in a safe, reliable and luxurious manner. Moreover, you can rest assure your trip would be most relaxing and comfortable from start to end. Here are several benefits of hiring a private car service.

Reliable transfers:

Private car service providers always arrange on-time and reliable pickups. You may not know your way around the town but hiring private car service can give you complete satisfaction that you and you loved ones are in a right hands.

Rock your tour right inside the luxurious car:

You can party on the wheels and begin your fun once stepping inside these luxury amped private cars by enjoying its top notch onboard amenities including plush leather seats, plasma TV, crystal clear audio, climate control systems, tinted windows and lot more.

Safest mode of transport:

There is no other transportation service that could beat private car service in terms of safety. This is the reason why most of people prefer hiring it for their tours. Skilled drivers opted to drive the car are well-trained, professional, trustworthy and moreover the embedded GPS system helps you track your location where you can get assured you are travelling safe and sound.

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Make the most of your Mount Etna tour with private car service

Mount Etna is one of the main reasons why you must choose Sicily for your holidays. The active volcano is an amazingly popular sight-seeing location among visitors. Keeping aside its other magnificent views, this place is best if you want to take a peaceful walk and give yourself some quality time by keeping your busy work schedule at bay.

Below mentioned are tips which will help you in making your Mount Etna trip extra special with private tour car service:

Better use of time:

When on trips you often waste a lot of time looking for maps and searching directions. For this purpose, getting hooked up with a professional and reliable tour car service will take away half of your travel worries. Since the drivers are well versed with the entire area they can transfer you well from once place to another.

You can relax and enjoy what comes your way:

We prefer spending our holidays with complete relaxation and comfort. This includes not worrying about driving for extended hours and fussing over the thought of missing out on something that is worthy. With private tour car service, the driver will not only take a good care of your needs but will also act as a great guide so that you are able to make the most of your vacation.

Safe and Secure:

Private tour car service is just ideal if you are looking for a mode of transportation that will offer you complete safety and security. The best part of this service is that all the vehicles provided to you are delivered in immaculate condition. Special security measures are present for kids and elderly people. The best facility is that the driver keeps an eye on your luggage so that nothing gets misplaced even if you move out of the vehicle for a couple of hours.

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Mount Etna Wine Tasting Tours

Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. It remains more or less in the constant state of eruption. The mountain is about two and a half times the height of Vesuvius and the highest mountain in Italy. The terrain around is fertile and also supports agriculture of orchards and vineyards. The viticulture is not new in the area. For many years, the region produces mineral-influenced wines that are fine and rich in taste.

Going on a Mount Etna wine tasting tour is a great way to spend your day. It gives you an opportunity to relax. Availing the services of a professional Limo and taxi firm offers you a number of benefits and luxuries that are impossible to enjoy the other way.

Let’s have a look at the benefits a professional firm offers:


Choosing to do Mount Etna Wine tasting tour with a professional firm keeps you driving stress at bay. You can also enjoy excursion to multiple wineries in the region. The providers schedule your day as per your needs so you do not have to worry about how you are going to get home from the trip.


Having a designated vehicle at your disposal is a lot more comfortable that driving in your car. It is especially in the case when you are new to the region and the drive is long. A professional firm let you relax and enjoy the ride, while the chauffeur takes care of the driving, directions and also the traffic.


Long trips usually start early morning and ends late. In an unknown terrain, getting transportation at odd hours can be risky. Moreover, availing the services of a car rental also removes the potential risk of drinking and driving. So everyone can be at ease and enjoy the tour to the fullest.


When you choose a reputable firm to tour with, you can rent a vehicle as per your flexibility. You may select a full day excursion or a few hours rental. Most of the firms have a number of different cars to select from, so planning an excursion becomes easy. You can hire the limo of your choice. Also, you can add or subtract the locations from the itinerary you are least interested in exploring.

For custom-made Mount Etna Wine tasting tours, get in touch with Sicily Tour Service. Call us for more details or fill our online forms for reservations.

Mount Etna Excursions

Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, lies in the province of Catania. The volcano is almost in a constant state of activity. It rises to 11,000 feet above sea level. At the top levels of the mountain, the vegetation and temperature will change drastically. Also, the lower level, it is very lush due to the high yielding volcanic soil. At the higher levels, the surface becomes almost moon like where you see the dead craters of the volcano. It has also been designated as a Decade Volcano by the United States and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The first activity at Etna took place around half a million years ago. Since then, it is in constant state of eruption. You will find the smoke coming out of the top cater always. The recent outbreaks occurred in the year 2012 at the summit craters of the mountain. Frequent eruptions and ash columns have had also forced the authorities to shut down the Catania airport on several occasions.


It is one of the Sicily’s main tourist destinations. It attracts thousands of visitors the year around. You get to it through the road that leads to Sapienza Refuge ski area. From the Refuge, a cableway takes you to the elevation of 2500m.

Ferrovia Circumetnea- Round-Etna Railway runs around it in a 110-km long semi-circle starting in Catania and ends in Riposto 28km north of Catania. There are two ski resorts in the area. One is at the Sapienza Refuge, and another one is at Piano Provenzana.

Daily excursions to Mount Etna

Many travel firms organize regular trips to Mount Etna from Catania and Messina. To get to the mountain, you will have to depend on how active the volcano is behaving. If it is very active, there will no tours. If it is calm, you can go very close to the top.

When you avail the services of a private tour provider, you get a designated chauffeur and car at your dispense throughout the trip. On the way, you will also visit various Sicilia towns like Giarre, Santa Venerina and Zafferana. Along the route, there are also family farms where you get to taste local and exquisite wines along with various other produce of the region like honey, orange, strawberry, olive oil and sweet almonds.

A guide accompanies you to the top of the mountain showing you all the places around. After the excursion gets over, the chauffeur drives you back to the starting point.

For more information on Mount Etna daily excursions, get in touch with Sicily Tour Service. We offer custom-made travel packages to the region at highly affordable prices. Call us for more details.