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Pamper yourself throughout the journey with private tour car service

To make your trip happening and full of memories, you must consider making the arrangements as early as possible so that you do not have to suffer later. Speaking of the transportation, it plays a vital role in making your journey worth cherishing in the future. Private tour car service is the best you can opt for during your trip to ease your commuting troubles. Since it offers a perfect blend of expedience, comfort and luxury, considering it will always bring fruitful results.

There are infinite reasons why private tour car service should be your priority during trips. Below mentioned are some top points. Take a detailed look to gain information regarding the same:

Saves times:

Most of our time on trips usually gets wasted on finding a good transport service to commute from one place to another. This also includes standing under sun with the entire family to hail a musty taxi. Private tour car service, however, for this purpose by far the best option you can ever get hooked up with. It not only saves your time but also helps you in visiting all places are the worth seeing.

Relaxing ride:

Taxi and other modes of transport can never offer you expedience since you are not able to own them. Private tour car service on the contrary gives you the opportunity to relax and stretch out. This turns out to be extremely beneficial especially when you are on a long journey and you haven’t taken a nap since a while.

Comfort level:

Private tour car service is the best choice if your aim is to find a service that can provide you comfort and convenience. It can accommodate your family well by offering you enough leg space to sit properly. This is the best type of transport you can look up to for your holidays.

Safe and secure:

Often during trips, we get worried about the kind of service we are getting hooked up with. Looking for a taxi and riding it throughout your journey along with your family and luggage can be risky. The stress doubles when you are commuting in a place you don’t know much about. Therefore, always consider a private tour car service if your motive is to stay safe and experience a happening journey.

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Eliminate your travel stress by taking into consideration a private tour car service

Private tour car service is the need of the era. If your aim is to experience and enjoy a fun filled and exciting holiday then taking into account this service is what should be your next step. Moving from one place to another can bring to you a lot of mess and hassle. However, if you consider a private tour car service then not only comfort and expedience but also safety of each and every passenger is ensured.

There are innumerable benefits of renting a private tour car service. Below mentioned are some of them with major importance. Take detailed look at each point to know they are:

Chauffeur is the best part of the service:

Chauffeur is the person employed to drive you and your co passengers in a safe and protected manner from one place to another. Since he has a major role to play his traits and experience matter a lot. With tour car rental you also get a professional chauffeur who is friendly, courteous and has taken expert training sessions in order to serve you in the best possible manner.

Promptness is the key:

Another major reason behind renting this vehicle is that it guarantees timely pick-ups and drop offs. This is one facility of massive importance. Your reason to consider this mode of transportation could be for a fun-filled holiday, wedding event, corporate event or any other big occasion, this service promises that proper attention will be given to your each and every need.

Comfort and expedience throughout the journey:

Your ultimate purpose of selecting the best transportation service is because you want to get hooked up with the most reputable and reliable one. You also aim at renting that service which offers complete expedience and comfort to each and every passenger. A private tour car service guarantees it all. It offers you all the high end amenities and ensures that you do not encounter any trouble while you are on your way.

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Experience blissful Sicily day tours with professional car rental service

Planning a vacation in Sicily means spending holidays filled with exciting adventures and mesmerising sightseeing. Since this place has a lot to offer to each and everyone, selecting it for your next trip with friends or family will turn out to be just ideal. To add extra spark to this tour, you must consider taking into account a professional car rental service so that you are able to explore every corner of this place, minutely.

Below mentioned are reasons why you must get hooked up with professional car rental services for your blissful day tours in Sicily:

These services go an extra mile for customer satisfaction:

We all want to avail services of that company which makes special initiative for their customers. One can enjoy innumerable perks by taking in consideration a professional car rental service. Since the providers offer top notch services to each and every client, preferring it among all the other modes of transportation makes a fruitful choice.

They help you in giving yourself some minutes to relax:

Going to another place means becoming unaware of all routes, directions and laws of that region. Hailing a taxi in such a condition adds extra mess to your plan. However, a professional tour car service is what you should opt for. Since these trips make you carry a lot of luggage, renting vehicles from such companies ensure safety and security of both you and your properties. This helps you in taking a few minutes to relax since the chauffeur takes care of it all without causing any trouble to you.

There are a lot of additional benefits:

Tour Car services are not just about expert chauffeurs and luggage handling. In reality there is a lot more to them, such as:

  • Discount/Offers
  • Customized packages
  • Comfort and Expedience
  • Simple reservation process
  • Choice of vehicles

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Explore Sicily with Professional Car Rental Services

Are you thinking to visit Sicily, a beautiful Mediterranean Island for your next vacation? If yes, then you should start planning everything in advance. Visiting a new place is exciting and you should not miss a chance to leave any worth seeing sight. As far as transportation is concerned, there should be no scope for negligence. Choosing a professional car rental service let you drive around in style and comfort.

Chauffeur- an informative and professional tour guide

Sicily is a vivid place that offers abode to plethora of beaches, incredible history, enriched art and culture, exotic food and wine, and a diverse range of culinary influences. If visiting the city for the first time, you may not be able to explore it to the fullest. By renting professional car services, you will be offered the assistance of trained chauffeur who remains at your disposal throughout the ride. He serves as a perfect tour guide thus acquainting you with the city’s attractions and culture.

Keep stress at bay

With no parking and navigation issues, you can completely enjoy your vacation with your group. No other mode of transportation can surpass the comfort and luxury offered by car rental services. It comes equipped with enhanced safety features for your safe arrivals and departures.

Professional assistance

You just need to plan your itinerary, rest leave its flawless execution on the professionals. Here is a list of some worth-seeing sights that you should not miss to see.

  • Scala dei Turchi
  • Palazzo Corvaia
  • Linosa
  • Oriented Nature Reserve Mount Hood
  • Alcantara River Park
  • Stromboli

Wide range of vehicles to choose from

The biggest advantage of professional car services is that you get to choose from wide array of vehicles. You can even get the vehicle customized as per your budget and group size. No matter, which model you choose all comes immaculately maintained and equipped with high end amenities for your exhilarating experience.

If Sicily is your dream city, then don’t miss to avail customized packages with Sicily Tour Service. We offer immaculately maintained fleet of vehicles to let you travel with ease and luxury. For more details on our packages, give us a call on +393318665568 or email is at We will be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Experience magnificent day trips with Sicily tour service

Sicily is famous for its art, history, archeology and spell-bound scenic beauty. It has always been a popular and crowd-pleasing region since it has a lot to offer from one end to another. If you wish to plan a trip to this island and make the most of it, then you must take up a luxurious and safe transportation. To be precise, if you wish to reap the maximum, then it can only be gained by getting hooked up with a chauffeured driven car. The blissful beaches, huge mountains and Mount Etna are such sights, which are never to be missed when in Sicily.

When you take up a chauffeured driven car for this purpose, you enjoy beyond your imagination and anticipation. Here are certain benefits you can reap for your day tour:


Everybody is likely to go on vacations with either family or friends. For this reason, full convenience is demanded by the passengers before opting a service. Usually for day trips, one anticipates comfort so that every moment can be enjoyed in the best possible manner. Thus, a chauffeured driven car will suit this purpose the most.


One thing which you seek the most before planning a trip is safety. Nobody would ever want a transportation service which does not provide any safety measures. A chauffeured driven car service guarantees full security of the passengers. Thus, always select that tour agency which ensures safety and believes that its clients protection is the ultimate priority.


Often, when exploring new places we look for people who can guide us through the ways and recommend spots worth visiting. A chauffeur that comes along tour car service serves both the purposes. He is not just a driver but also a guide who will not let you miss anything important. This is one big advantage you must attain with a chauffeured driven car.

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Sicily Shore Excursions- The luxury and Convenience it offers

Autumn in Sicily is just one and a half month away. So if you are going to visit the region during those months, you will enjoy shore outings as it is less hot and also there are fewer travelers during these months. It makes mobility to the tourist destinations easy and enjoyable. Sicily Shore excursions are an ideal way to drive from your port to almost all hotspots in the region.

Why custom-made Sicily Shore excursions?

A customized Sicily tour is prepared personally for you. It also makes your day in the city unique and focused as per your wishes and needs. You will have the driver and vehicle waiting pier side when you disembark. The chauffeurs are English speaking so you need not cope up with regional differences. They show you all worth visiting places around and make your vacation memorable.

The drivers are licensed and knowledgeable. They give you all sorts of relevant information and do the best to satiate your needs. Sicily is a beautiful island filled with enchanting hidden gems. An expert makes your voyage comfortable and navigates you through the historic centres smoothly and also gives you time to capture lovely moments with friends or family. At every site, he will give you a brief so that you can explore the place to its best.

Service providers serve all major harbours in the region including Messina, Catania, Giardini, Taormina and Palermo. The packages entirely depend on the kind of service you want. Mostly, the rental packages differ as per the duration of the rental, the car you selected, number of people in the tour and distance to be travelled.

Easy booking

Reservations are easy. All the travel firms are available online. All you need to do is fill out their form with all the required details. The provider contacts you the same time with the confirmation details.

Prior the day of the journey, you will get the information regarding the chauffeur who will come to pick you along with the car model and colour.

So if you are planning enthralling vacations in Sicily, do not forget to book a car for your trip. After a long and tiring journey by water, you would want a comfortable and luxurious ride to all famous hot spots around the terrain. Nothing than a designated car service can offer you with all these benefits.

Call Sicily Tour Service for custom-made Sicily shore excursion packages. We will be happy to accommodate your needs. You can also email us your queries.

Advantages of hiring private car services for vacations

When planning a vacation to a new terrain, you would want to make use of your time fully. Visiting a new place is always an exciting experience and you do not want to miss a thing. Some people choose to avail city tours while other like to hire private cars for their excursion. However, using a car service makes sense for those who like to drive around in luxury and comfort.


You get to explore the new terrain at you pace

When you avail private car rentals, you get to explore the places around at your own pace. Unlike group travels, you do not have to work on someone’s schedule. You can roam around the places you like without any time limitation. There are no schedules or times you have to return. The car comes to pick you from the desired place. Also, there is no hush up visiting the places around. You can take your time to soak up in the history, culture and beauty of each site.

Personalized itineraries

The providers create itineraries as per your taste and interest. You can choose which of the attractions appeal to you based on your likings. If you love history and culture, you can choose to visit historical places.

Affordable services

Relying on public transport is not convenient. You have to change transport in between the destinations which add to your cost. Also, there might be many attractions that are not accessible via a public transport network, reducing how much you can see. A professional provider is at your dispense as long as your day does not come to an end. After the excursion, they drop you back to the hotel.

You have control over your trip

You have the control over your voyage. There is no one to tell you where to go, what to see and what to not. You can leave the hotel anytime you want and return whenever you wish. Also, you will be able to travel only with your group. You do not have to get stuck on a bus with a group of people you do not know.

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Why Sicily is a favorite tourist spot?

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, surrounding many minor islands. When planning a trip to Sicily, it is hard to choose the destinations you want to explore. Every town in the city has its special attractions. Mount Etna, Taormina, Catania, Palermo, Syracuse, Aeolian Islands and Agrigento… these are major cities around and also favorite tourist spots. Apart from these, there are beaches, the archaeological sites, and many wine regions to roam around.

Let’s have a look at the aspects that make Sicily a popular tourist destination:


Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, the area has evolved in many different ways both in terms of topography and culture. The region has its dialect. The variations differ from town to town, many of them which are multi-ethnic.

The differences in the land are due to a remnant of the various ancient conquerors. The original inhabitants of the region were three defined Ancient peoples of Italy, Sicani, Elymians and Dolmens. After this, came the Greeks and Romans. The land was also ruled by Germanic and Byzantine, Arab Sicily and Vespers and Aragonese and lot more.


The landscape of the area is varied and complex. It has four mountain ranges. The most popular is Hyblaean Mountains in the 9,100 acres of Pantalica Nature Reserve. It was also a designated UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2005. Also, it is the home of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Etna. There are woodlands, vineyards, farmlands and lot more that makes it a perfect holiday spot.

Heaven for food lovers

It is truly a gastronomic heaven boasting both savory and sweet specialties. Every part of the island has its unique dishes. The ingredients they use are rich in taste. The spicy dishes make use of a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. The preparation makes use of tomatoes, artichokes, olives, apricots, onions, beans, raisins coupled with seafood including tuna, sea bass, cuttlefish sardines and others.

The sweet dishes are most relishing including pastries and ice creams. Cannoli is the most popular. It is a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry, the dough of which is filled with a sweet filling containing ricotta cheese.

In a way, Sicily is the best destination for the upcoming vacations. So get in touch with Sicily Tour Service, to book a trip today. We specialize in providing Limo and taxi services in the area. We also offer city excursion packages at affordable packages. Contact us for more details of fill online forms for quick quotes.

Daily Excursions Sicily to explore the land of culture and art

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, constitutes an autonomous region of Italy. The island has a rich and unique culture, in regards to the arts, music, cuisine, literature, and architecture. Tourism is an important contributor to the city’s economy owing to its natural and cultural heritage. In the last few years, the island has become one of the most visited places around the globe.

To cater, to the different tastes and preferences of the travelers, many private travel firms offer daily excursions Sicily.

Traveling to Sicily has never been so easier and stress-free. With the mushroom growth of private travel companies, you have ample of options at your disposal. You can choose any company you like. Moreover, you can also draw comparisons on the basis of experience, licenses, packages and pricing structure.

A professional and knowledgeable guide escorts the daily excursions Sicily. The itinerary is well scripted. The plan includes all the places of your interest, leaving no room for improvisation. Moreover, the trips are designed by travel experts, and ensure you visit all the main tourist areas in the minimum time. A local and informative guide remains with you throughout. He can make all the differences in understanding the sites of this beautiful island. Above all, they are multi-lingual, so they can converse with you in your language making the trip stress-free.

The biggest advantage is that you get a designated car and driver for the excursion. You can choose from a broad range of vehicles the firm offers. The vehicle accompanies you throughout. It picks you from the hotel, takes you around all the points of interest and at the end of the day leaves you back to your hotel.

So you face no navigation and parking issues. You can enjoy a vacation to your fullest in the most luxurious manner. The packages are charged on the basis of the vehicle you choose, and services you avail.

From historical trips to exciting adventure tours to Mount Etna, Sicily offers the visitor an abundance of things to see and do. There is beauty all around, the busy market places, delectable food and wine and a lot more.

If looking for an exciting trip to the region, get in touch with Sicily Tour Service. We offer daily excursions Sicily from port and harbour in the area to your favorite places. Call us for more details on our packages or send us an email at

Sicily Guided Tours

Sicily, the largest island, in the Mediterranean Sea, is worth visiting. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Travelers get fascinated to the island due to its rich history, culture and unique architecture. For a tour around the area, travelers rely on private travel agencies.

More about the beautiful Island….

The beautiful island lies in the central Mediterranean. The earliest evidence of human on the island was traced back in 12,000 BC. The island is a rich culture regarding the arts, music, literature, cuisine, and architecture. The sunny, dry climate, scenery, cuisine, rich history and exquisite architecture attract many tourists from around the world. The major sites in the region include Mount Etna, Palermo, Catania, Syracuse, the old town of Taormina, Aeolian Islands, Agrigento and lot more.

Guided tours

Private guided trips add to your advantage. Being new to the island, you are unaware of its local cuisine, destinations around and language. The professional firms offer you chauffeur driven cars, knowledgeable guides and custom-made itineraries.

The car reaches you on time and covers all the destinations within your itinerary. The drivers are also aware of the local cuisines. They take you to the best eat-outs in the city. Also, they are multi-lingual, so do not face any issues communicating with them.

A guided voyage also gives you the flexibility of time. You can enjoy as much time at a place you like. You can add or subtract the destinations from the list as desired. Above all, a designated car remains with you throughout. So it also eliminates the botheration of hiring different cabs from multiple points.

There are no hidden charges. The fuel costs, road taxes, and other additional cost are inclusive in the package. So it also saves your money.

The companies also have ample of cars in their fleet. So you can choose to ride in one that meets your requirements and budget.

In Sicily, there are number of tour operators that have been organizing Sicily excursions. You can look for them online or in local directories. Take a quote from three to four providers and compare their packages and benefits. Select the one that offers the best deal.

Sicily Tour Service specialize taxi and limo service in and around the region. We also offer personalized travels in the area giving you the option to choose different destinations as per your schedule. Dial us for more information or fill our online forms for free quotes.