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Advantages of using Sicily Taxi service

Looking for the best European location for vacation? Then pack your bags and leave for Sicily. With a number of packages available online, you can spend as many days you want on the island. Today, Sicily is one of the most famous tourist spot. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year by its charm. While you are there, you definitely need a reliable transportation service to take to and from the places. It is where Sicily Taxi services come to your help.

One of the main reasons of using Sicily Taxi service is that is affordable to travel in. Taxi companies offer services at fixed rates. The driver won’t be charging you with any extra fees. Look for a reliable and reputable firm. A service provider of high repute won’t charge you unnecessary, so you do not have to worry about any additional expenses.

Hiring a Taxi service in Sicily also saves a lot of your time. The taxi meets you at the designated pickup point on time no matter you want one at the airport or your hotel. After a long flight, sight of the driver waiting for you at the parking gives you a sigh of relief. So you do not have to wait for long hours just to find a ride that can drop you to the desired place.

Traveling to an unknown city is always a big time hassle. You are unaware of the routes and traffic patterns. A taxi comes with a driver who is a local. He knows the city roads well and knowledgeable about the traffic and other shortest routes to reach your destination. It makes moving around easy for you. The driver also acts as your guide showing you the places around. It makes your travel convenient. You can count on such services even during an emergency.

To look for the best taxi providers in the region, search online or in local directory. Pen down a few names and inquire about their status. If you find any reviews online, read them. It gives you a better idea about their services.

If you are looking for best Sicily Taxi services, visit is. Sicily Tour service is a reputable Limo and taxi service provider in the city. We offer you the best services and make your journey comfortable and affordable. Contact us to know more about our services and packages. It will be our pleasure helping you.

Sicily Tour Etna- be a part of enthralling excursion

When you hear of active volcanoes, only one name comes in your mind Mount Etna. It is one of the world’s most famous volcanoes. For this reason, Sicily Tour Etna is not only popular among tourist but also with localities.

Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in the world, lies on the east coast of Sicily Island. It stands to a height of 3,329 meters. The height is constantly changing due to summit eruptions. It was reported that the volcano erupted 200 times since 1500 BC, with the most recent eruption was recorded in the year 2001.

It is Sicily’s most popular natural attraction. In fact, it forms the part of Italy’s most beautiful natural parks, Parco Regionale dell’ Etna. Due to its popularity many travel agencies offer daily Sicily Excursions Etna that let to take the glimpse of solidified lava at the mountains surface. You might not have experienced the sight before.

Sicily Tour Etna is custom-made as per your demands and taste. When you avail these services, a well-maintained car with a professional driver comes at your door at the right time. The driver at your assistance is knowledgeable about your itinerary, so you do not have instruct him. He also knows the exact routes and traffic patterns of the city. You can enjoy the enthralling views outside while he is driving for you.

The car drops you at the place from where the cable car starts. Apart from the volcano view, Mount Etna forest is also a sight not to miss. It is home to fox, squirrels, weasels, porcupine, wild cats, falcons, golden eagles and partridges among others. You may see any of these during your excursion to the area.

Personalized Sicily Excursion Etna also includes skiing in the winter months. It also adds to your pleasure. The major attraction in Sicily Tour Etna remains the mountain hiking. The majority of tourist visits the south side of the mountain. You can assistance of a guide that let you be the part of the volcano’s turbulent history.

A visit to Mount Etna makes an exciting trip. So what are you waiting for? Just dial Sicily Tour Service for personalized tours to Mount Etna. A guide accompanies you throughout the excursion. The car will pick you for a tour and also drops you back at the end of the day. Call us for more details on Mount Etna excursion.


Sicily Travel guide

Sicily is an attractive island of Italy which is separated from the mainland region of Calabria by the 5km Straits of Messina. Sicily has been dominated by from Greeks to Romans, Normans, Arabs and Aragonese. Because of this reason, you experience a mixed culture on the island when on vacation.

Natives of the land speak Sicilian. Most of them are also proficient in Italian. A few modern schools also teach English to their students. So you can find a few population speaking English as well.

Getting in
Sicily is served by two main airports including Palermo and Catania. It is linked to the main Italian network of Messina. There are long distance trains from Rome, Naples and Milano. Cruise ferries also link Palermo with Naples, Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Sardinia.


Palermo: Sicily’s regional capital is a captivating historical Palimpsest. The city has large architectural heritage and is notable for its Norman buildings. A few important monuments of the region are Palermo Cathedral, Chiesa della Martorana, San Cataldo, Oratorio di San Lorenzo and Oratorio del Rosario among others.

Syracuse: It is a historical city in Sicily. The city is known for its rich Greek history, culture, architecture, amphitheatres and also as the birthplace of eminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes.

Greek Temples: The three Greek temple complexes are worth visiting. The most famous of them is Agrigento, where historical site Valle dei Templi spreads over a vast area. The other two Selinunte and Segesta are not that well-preserved ruins.

Mount Etna: It is the tallest and the most active volcanoes in Europe and a major tourist spot. Being a favorite spot for thousands of visitors, it hosts a large parking space, several parks and hotels at the starting point of the cable car. There are two ski resorts on Etna; one is at the Sapienza Refuge and other at Piano Provenzana.

Piazza Armerina: The town is famous for Villa Romana del Casale and range of other architectural monuments like Baroque Cathedral, Palazzo Trigona, The Church of Fundro, Aragonese Castle, and The Church of St. Martin of Tours among others.

Sicily has world’s best cuisines to offer to visitors. The cuisine of the island is very exotic and offers many flavors and spices to offer. The food is Mediterranean. Sicilian loves to eat deserts. A few favorite out of all are cannoli, granite and cassata.

Sicilians do not indulge in drinking much. Despite the fact, it is home to many vineyards.

There are three main wine producing districts in the region including
• Trapani province in the west
• Etna in the east
• Noto and Ragusa on the southeast tip

Best known wines in the region are Planeta, Tasca d’Almerita, Feudo Principi di Butera and Marco De Bartoli among others.

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